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Our Business

VEEM Product Divisions

For over 56 years, VEEM has been pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence and innovation across a number of industries and sectors.

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VEEM Gyrostabilizers

Exceptionally powerful Gyroscopic Stabilizers for vessels 100 – 3000 tonnes that reduce the rolling motion of of boats and ships in waves by up to 95%.

VEEM Propellers

The worlds highest performing fixed-pitch propellers. Designed with precision, manufactured to perfection, guaranteeing ultimate performance.

VEEM 247 Engineering

Advanced engineering, manufacturing and service capabilities for the mining, oil and gas, and defence industries that require high compliance to a large variety of standards.

VEEM Defence

Since entering the defence sector in 1987, VEEM Ltd has delivered over $200 Million of defence contracts and are pre-approved by several classification societies without third party inspection.

Conquest Propellers

The highest quality, off-the-shelf propellers in the World designed for the replacement propeller market and based off VEEM's leading custom propeller designs.

Timcast Hollowbar

A game changing range of custom made, bimetal, centrifugally cast hollow bars that increase through life by up to 10 times.