More amazing sea trial results for the VG120

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Another VEEM Gyro 120 sea trial was captured recently off the coast of Fremantle in Western Australia on a Viking Open Convertible Sport Fisher.

The prevailing 25 to 30 knot winds and solid 2.25m wave height conditions were no trouble for the VEEM Gyro. The VG120 achieved a 49% roll reduction at 0 knots, a 51% roll reduction at trolling speed, and a 45% roll reduction at 20 knots. The trial clearly demonstrated that the VEEM Gyro performs equally well at high speed as it does at rest.

See the footage for yourself below.


VEEM Gyro260

First assembly of VG260 commences

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The first assembly of a VG260 has commenced this month at VEEM with the first steps of the build underway already.

The first part of the build process includes the sub-assemblies such as the flywheel, spin motor, and vacuum chamber insert, which have to be completed in preparation for starting the vacuum chamber assembly.

A VG260 is a significantly larger unit in every aspect in comparison to the VG120, and will weigh approximately 5.4 tonnes when fully assembled. The first VG260 unit will be built to allow for some modification to occur during the prototype shakedown phase. Once this is complete, the unit will be disassembled, painted and reassembled in preparation for sale.

The production of VG120 units continues to accelerate as the VEEM assembly teams improve their efficiency levels. Two (2) VG120 units are currently in their finishing stages and an additional two (2) VG120 units have begun being assembled.

VEEM increases CNC machining capability to enable manufacture of propellers up to 4.6m in diameter

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By the middle of the year, VEEM’s arsenal of high technology machinery will have the capability to machine items up to 4.5mtr in diameter x 1.9mtr turning capacity envelope, and a 7m long x 3.6m wide x 1.9m high milling envelope.

The 6-axis CNC machine, which is currently being installed at VEEM, measures 20m long, 10m wide and 6.7m high, and weighs just over 86 tonnes!

High accuracy 6-axis CNC machining was not previously possible on propellers larger than 2.2m at VEEM, but in the next few months everything from larger VEEM Propellers to VEEM Gyro components to precise engineering work will be undertaken on the new machine, and the capacity to do larger and more varied work will also dramatically increase.

“We will see a large improvement in efficiency on the projects we already complete, hopefully by up to 30%, and because of this our overall production output can dramatically increase,” says Commercial Manager, Mike Coyle.

The installation of the CNC machine began this month with over 140m3 of concrete and 10 tonnes of steel reinforcing installed in the footing pit; a mean feat but necessary to allow the machine to remain rigid when performing work. With the bridge and columns also installed this month, the finer details like cabling and covers will be completed next and the machine will be in action very soon.

127m Sportsfisher

VEEM delivers two VG120’s to 127 foot New Zealand Sportfisher

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Yachting Developments in New Zealand is busy completing a 127 foot Michael Peters designed Sportfisher that is expected to break records for the largest Sportfisher boat ever built.

The boat will feature 2 VG120’s and is expected to be delivered in 2017 to a very experienced owner who was after advanced stabilisation and comfort onboard for family and guests.

The designer, Michael Peters, discussed the VG120 quoting, “you don’t save weight to make a lighter boat – you save weight to add in all the stuff the guy wants to put in the boat. This is a trend we’ve seen in all boats. I don’t care if it’s 40 feet or 400 feet a lot of things are no longer options. People with 40 foot boats want a gyrostabiliser now…”

VEEM are also completing a complete shaft-line and propeller package for this project which guarantees even smoother operation, lower noise levels and higher speeds.

VEEM Gyro reduces roll reduction on MY Tango by 61%

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Sea Trial results for the VG120 gyro installation on Motor Yacht Tango proved successful with roll reduction reduced by 61% achieved during typical operating conditions for the Yacht.

MY Tango was built in 2006 by Oceanfast Yachts in Western Australia and regularly cruises Sydney Harbor with a large number of guests. It is currently fitted with traditional Naiad fins which don’t currently provide any stabilisation when the yacht is anchored or not moving – an issue for the yacht owners and captain because of the frequent passing in the harbour of different types of ferries.

VEEM Gyro was given the task of improving the comfort of the yacht at anchor in various locations as well as in different wave conditions. The mix of ferries on the harbor spans from heavy displacement monohulls right through to high-speed catamarans, and since each has a unique wake, the rolling motion was particularly problematic for MY Tango.

After commissioning and sea trials in Sydney Harbour, the yacht went smoothly into service the next day. Reports from the yacht indicate that several specific improvements in the yacht were noted. These included a more stable swim platform, making guest transfer from the tender faster and more comfortable, reduced sloshing in the fore deck pool as well as general reduction in rolling motions making the on board experience more comfortable.

The yacht is now able to widen its operational area due to improved comfort in waves. Watch the video below for more information about this sea trial.