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Earlier this year our VEEM Power Play Vessel (Viking 64′) completed a circumnavigation of Australia.

This journey truly tested the capabilities of the VEEM VG120 gyrostabilizer which worked non-stop for 7658 nautical miles around Australia, to get the boat from Perth to Sydney and back. The most extensive leg of the trip was a 4 day non-stop journey across the Great Australian Bight, where the VG120 ran the entire time ensuring the crew of the Viking a smooth ride (free from motion sickness) while enjoying the wildlife!

Upon return, our VEEM Viking Captain, Craig Thomas, commended the outstanding performance of the VG120 gyrostabilizer: “Throughout the journey we were all amazed at how the VEEM Gyro made the trip so much safer, easier and more enjoyable, from sleeping, eating, cooking, just generally moving around on the vessel.

“There was a number of times as we headed around the North of Australia that wind and tide were not coming from the same direction when we anchored for the night. The waves were coming from one direction while the tide held the vessel side on to the breeze – without a gyro this is a passenger’s worst nightmare as the rocking motion is just like drifting with no anchor down. Usually, everything goes everywhere, but not with the gyro working away in the background. It was like being in a marina.”

“For most of our journey, we were cruising around 8 knots, when we were not demonstrating the performance of the VG120 and smoothness of the VEEM Interceptor propellers at over 40 knots!. At one point we did fire up to full RPM and achieved 47.6 knots. This was boosted by the following tide at the time but nevertheless still impressive!”

Have a closer look at the journey in the video below.

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