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VEEM Viking PowerPlay Vessel completes a circumnavigation of Australia

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Earlier this year our VEEM Power Play Vessel (Viking 64′) completed a circumnavigation of Australia.

This journey truly tested the capabilities of the VEEM VG120 gyrostabilizer which worked non-stop for 7658 nautical miles around Australia, to get the boat from Perth to Sydney and back. The most extensive leg of the trip was a 4 day non-stop journey across the Great Australian Bight, where the VG120 ran the entire time ensuring the crew of the Viking a smooth ride (free from motion sickness) while enjoying the wildlife!

Upon return, our VEEM Viking Captain, Craig Thomas, commended the outstanding performance of the VG120 gyrostabilizer: “Throughout the journey we were all amazed at how the VEEM Gyro made the trip so much safer, easier and more enjoyable, from sleeping, eating, cooking, just generally moving around on the vessel.

“There was a number of times as we headed around the North of Australia that wind and tide were not coming from the same direction when we anchored for the night. The waves were coming from one direction while the tide held the vessel side on to the breeze – without a gyro this is a passenger’s worst nightmare as the rocking motion is just like drifting with no anchor down. Usually, everything goes everywhere, but not with the gyro working away in the background. It was like being in a marina.”

“For most of our journey, we were cruising around 8 knots, when we were not demonstrating the performance of the VG120 and smoothness of the VEEM Interceptor propellers at over 40 knots!. At one point we did fire up to full RPM and achieved 47.6 knots. This was boosted by the following tide at the time but nevertheless still impressive!”

Have a closer look at the journey in the video below;

Find out more about our smallest VEEM Gyro Stabilizer, the VG120, here.

VEEM launches WORLD’S LARGEST GYROSTABILIZER and officially opens new gyrostabilizer facility

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  • Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC has officially opened the new VEEM gyrostabilizer facility
  • VEEM has completed building the world’s largest, most powerful marine gyrostabilizer, VG1000SD, for a major European shipbuilder.
  • The VG1000 SD will be shipped shortly to major European shipbuilder, Damen Shipyards, which constructs more than 175 vessels annually for customers across the globe

Last Friday, VEEM launched the world’s most powerful gyrostabilizer, the VG1000 SD. The function was held at our new gyrostabilizer facility, which was officially opened by Australian Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds.

VEEMs new 4000m² facility has been constructed to meet the rise in demand for VEEMs gyro products, including the VG1000 SD, and will have the capacity to produce over $100 million of gyros annually.

VEEM Managing director, Mark Micovech said: “The new facility allows us to significantly ramp up the commercialisation phase of our gyro products, enhancing our ability to capitalise on the rise in customer take-up of this disruptive technology.”

In addition to its gyrostabilizer range (which has significant defence applications), VEEM has developed a substantial defence business, servicing both surface and sub-surface combatants.

Special guests, Matt Keogh, Member for Burt, Yaz Mubarakai, Member for Jandakot and Damen representative, Camiel Curfs, joined over a hundred VEEM clients, staff members and investors as Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds, Minister for defence, officially opened and dedicated the building to the former VEEM chairman, Gary Miocevich.

The VG1000 SD, weighing 20 metric tonnes, will be delivered to European shipbuilding giant, Damen and installed on the revolutionary new Fast Crew Supplier, FCS 7011, which is expected to launch later this year.

The VG1000 SD, generating 1000kN.m of torque, easily eclipses the second largest gyro product VEEM produces, the VG260, which is approximately one quarter of the size of the VG1000 SD.

Camiel Curfs, Damen representative and event attendees were given the opportunity to witness the VG1000 SD in action under induced procession.

VEEM Managing Director Mark Miocevich said: “The successful completion of the VG1000 SD is the culmination of significant research and development investment into the product.

“I would like to congratulate the entire talented VEEM team, who after years of hard work has delivered a gyro product which is unrivalled anywhere in the world in terms of scale and quality.

“The VG1000 SD has a broad potential market, with the product best suited to vessels 60 metres to 90 metres in length, which encompasses luxury and superyachts, defence and civil vessels, and has further commercial applications including windfarm services, oilfield services, crew transfer and ferries.

“We are delighted to have such an internationally esteemed shipbuilder as Damen as the first customer for the VG1000 SD, and we anticipate that the successful delivery of the VG1000 SD will substantially increase interest in the product, which will help propel long- term value for our shareholders.”

The VG1000 SD will now be delivered to Damen to undergo extensive sea trials. The trials involved fitting two model VG260 SD VEEM gyrostabilizers to a 50-metre test vessel in the Netherlands, which was subsequently evaluated by Damen management and current and potential purchasers of Damen ships.

A special thanks to Senator The Hon Linda Reynolds for opening the new VEEM gyro facility and to all the guests who joined us for the official launch of the VG1000 SD.

Why VEEM undertake all metal alloying in-house

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While other manufacturers traditionally use pre-alloyed metals from external suppliers, VEEM undertakes the entire metal alloying process in house.

This ensures VEEM products are the highest quality and also enables us to produce a wide range of engineering alloys that require flawless metal chemistry. Some of the other benefits associated with in-house alloying include;

Ease of manufacture
Metal alloying means we can alter the chemical composition as required to meet your engineering needs, ultimately simplifying the manufacturing process.

Complete Control
Undertaking the metal alloy process in-house grants us complete control over the manufacturing process. This is important to ensure the quality of the product is maintained.

Highest quality
Through years of extensive research and development, VEEM has been able to fine-tune the chemical composition of alloys to ensure it meets all chemical and mechanical requirements of the various class societies.

Ultimate flexibility
In-house alloying enables us to make any material/alloy as necessary. Therefore, we have the opportunity and flexibility to cater to any customer requirements, no matter how difficult! We are not locked into a limited range of products supplied by an external party.

Throughout VEEM’s history, in-house alloying services have been utilised to create a range of bespoke pieces such as the Collins class submarine components, Naval Sonar components, The CERN radiation shields, bimetal pipes for the wear industry right the way through to the West Australian ANZAC Bell.

To find out more about VEEM’s history of innovation visit our history page.