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The first assembly of a VG260 has commenced this month at VEEM with the first steps of the build underway already.

The first part of the build process includes the sub-assemblies such as the flywheel, spin motor, and vacuum chamber insert, which have to be completed in preparation for starting the vacuum chamber assembly.

A VG260 is a significantly larger unit in every aspect in comparison to the VG120, and will weigh approximately 5.4 tonnes when fully assembled. The first VG260 unit will be built to allow for some modification to occur during the prototype shakedown phase. Once this is complete, the unit will be disassembled, painted and reassembled in preparation for sale.

The production of VG120 units continues to accelerate as the VEEM assembly teams improve their efficiency levels. Two (2) VG120 units are currently in their finishing stages and an additional two (2) VG120 units have begun being assembled.