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We know propeller performance is essential to boat owners. When your propellers have imperfections, it can have a detrimental impact on performance, fuel usage and create undesirable vibration.

Many propeller manufacturers use pre-alloyed metals from external suppliers. This can increase the risk of cavitation, casting imperfections and weaknesses across the face of the blades.

With a wealth of experience across more than 50 years’, VEEM is one of the only propeller manufacturers globally that undertakes all metal alloying in-house in our 10,500 square metre foundry. This enables us to provide our customers perfect propellers, made with the highest quality materials to our exacting specification exceeding all industry requirements.

Our unique method of manufacturing propellers ensures each propeller that is cast is the strongest and the most consistent on the market. When you have a precise propeller on your boat, the effect of cavitation is reduced on the blades ensuring maximum performance. This prevents vibration, noise, excess fuel usage and the irreversible damage of cavitation erosion.

If you are after precision, perfection and performance, get in contact with VEEM and challenge us with your requirements!