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The VEEM Marine gyrostabilizer range has evolved significantly from its inception to be the world’s leading supplier of large vessel gyrostabilization systems. Launching with the original VG120, the VEEM Marine gyrostabilizer range has expanded 6-fold with the largest current production unit featuring a 6,600 kilogram flywheel spinning at more than 1900rpm (>30 revolutions per second!). That’s more than 1000 times more torque than the top of the range Porsche!

The evolution of the VEEM Marine gyrostabilization units, combined with VEEM’s innate drive for perfection, has led us to create the most efficient angular moment density (i.e. angular momentum per volume) of any of the marine gyrostabilizers in the market. The larger the angular moment, the larger the potential stabilizing torque induced on the vessel to minimize roll and maximize comfort. With naval architects trying to maximize usage of space onboard, our power to weight ratio provides a significant advantage.

To highlight this, VEEM Marine has updated the identification naming of its gyrostabilizer range to reflect angular momentum output, rather than torque output, at first glance.

This also enables our customers to compare apples with (much larger) apples due to the market generally using angular momentum as part of the gyro naming conventions.

Growth in demand for VEEM Marine gyrostabilizers has led to new sizes being developed providing an expanded product lineup. Specifically, the new VG140SD with an angular momentum density of ~20 and the “in development” VG750SD with a massive angular momentum density of ~30.

If you have any questions about the new model lineup, or marine gyrostabilizers in general, please contact a VEEM Marine representative here or explore the product range here.