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VEEM has started 2021 with a bang, manufacturing and distributing a record number of VEEM Propellers in February. Despite the COVID health-related issues facing the world over the last 12-14 months, VEEM Propeller sales have exceeded budget expectations. The demand is not only from our strong base of OEMs, but also new boat manufacturing customers and our global agents and dealers’ network.

We are dedicated to improving delivery times to all customers. Due to the increased growth in sales, VEEM has purchased two new CNC machines to improve lead time and best support our customer needs. We will soon have a total of 10 machines that can fully CNC propellers to 4.6m in diameter. In addition, we have enhanced shift arrangements and automation processes to further improve production efficiency and increase capacity.

Managing Director of VEEM, Mark Miocevich commented that, “VEEM is globally the only commercial volume producer of fully CNC machined monobloc propellers, taking what was traditionally a hand-profiled inaccurate propeller casting to a fully machined part accurate within microns of the design. This is what modern boat manufacturers are demanding for ultimate performance and this is what VEEM is delivering.”

We look forward to the future of VEEM Propellers as every sale speaks to the quality and value of our brand and product.