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VEEM have confirmed the recent sale of a VG145SD Gyro model to be retrofitted on a 34m Motor Yacht in San Diego in the USA.

The VEEM Gyro 145SD is 20% more powerful in stabilizing effect than the VG120SD, but is contained within exactly the same envelope size and weight making the stabilizing torque density of this product a real game changer for motor yachts around 30m (100’) in length. As a single unit installation, it is suitable for vessels with displacement between 60 – 145 tonnes. Multiple units can be installed for larger vessels.

Learn More about the VG145SD.

This latest sale in the USA adds to the previously reported sale for a large sport fishing boat project currently in build at Jim Smith Tournament Boats in Stuart, Florida and a VG120 unit sale for an 80′ Sportfish boat in Dubai.