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VEEM delivers two VG120s to 127 foot New Zealand Sportfisher

By February 24, 2017VEEM Gyro
127m Sportsfisher

Yachting Developments in New Zealand is busy completing a 127 foot Michael Peters designed Sportfisher that is expected to break records for the largest Sportfisher boat ever built.

The boat will feature 2 VG120s and is expected to be delivered in 2017 to a very experienced owner, who is after advanced stabilisation and comfort onboard for family and guests.

The designer, Michael Peters, discussed the VG120 quoting, “you don’t save weight to make a lighter boat – you save weight to add in all the stuff the guy wants to put in the boat. This is a trend we’ve seen in all boats. I don’t care if it’s 40 feet or 400 feet a lot of things are no longer options. People with 40 foot boats want a gyrostabiliser now.”

VEEM are also completing a complete shaft-line and propeller package for this project which guarantees even smoother operation, lower noise levels and higher speeds.