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The 10th Light Horseman sculpture commemorates the 10th Light Horse Regiment – the only Light Horse Regiment recruited in Western Australia during WW1. Commissioned by Landcorp and completed in 2016 by local artist Robin Yakinthou, the recycled steel sculpture plays homage to the men and women who served in WW1.

The regiment joined the 3rd Light Horse Brigade in Egypt, before serving dismounted in Gallipoli – their most famous actions being the charge at the Nek on 7 August 1915, and Hill 60 between 29-30 August 1915. Situated along the coast between Coogee and South Fremantle, it reflects the military history and significance of the site on which the work stands – a beach training ground and campsite for the soldiers before they were deployed. To also reflect the industrial history of the site, the statue is made using recycled stainless steel.

Weighing in at 1MT, the 10th Light Horseman stands at 2.7m x 2.4m, and proudly invites those passing by to engage with it and remember the stories and histories that it represents.

The material the recycled steel sculpture was made from also reflects the industrial history of the site. Coming to life like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, it took local artist Robin Yakinthou over six months to create the piece of art.

After collaborating on previous stainless-steel castings for Robin, VEEM was commissioned to cast the head of the horse only. This process followed our usual material sourcing, melting and pouring techniques so was relatively standard in that respect, however the mould jointing required intricate detail and moulding skills to ensure the features could be released from the mould.

Proudly the largest non-ferrous foundry in Australia, VEEM is also one of largest ferrous foundry facilities in Australia. VEEM can manufacture almost any component in over 250 alloys. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience behind us, along with our advanced machining and patternless casting capabilities mean that VEEM are your one stop shop for your casting and equipment needs.

Cover image credit: artsource