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VEEM Gyro Demo Vessel In Med From October

VEEM Limited, Australian manufacturer of VEEM Gyro stabilizer, announces that from mid-October 2017, demonstrations of its VEEM Gyro roll stabilizer technology will be running in the Mediterranean Sea. VEEM will invite shipyards and vessel owner’s teams to witness at-sea demonstrations of the performance of the technology. The vessel is propelled by VEEM’s unique Interceptors propellers, which have dominated the sportfishing market in the US

The demo boat is a Viking 64’ Open Convertible sportfish boat, with a VG120 VEEM Gyro installed, and running VEEM Interceptor propellers. With max speed of 43 knots, this vessel is an ideal vessel for demonstrating the remarkable roll reduction achievable across all vessel speeds ranging from drifting, to loitering along the coast, to high speed operations.

The VEEM Gyro demo boat is unmistakable with its distinctive hull featuring a great white shark running the full length of the hull.

The VEEM Gyro stabilizers are an amazing device that bolts into the vessel’s hull. There are no protrusions through the hull into the water. The device utilizes the gyro-dynamics of a high-speed steel flywheel spinning in a vacuum controlled chamber. The VEEM Gyro units deliver their massive roll stabilizing torques whilst producing almost no noise or vibration. Early installations have even been successfully located beneath guest cabin beds.

The VEEM Gyro product range is suitable for installation on luxury motor yachts, Defense and paramilitary patrol vessels, naval mine-hunters, fast crew transfer vessel serving the expanding offshore windfarm industry, and commercial offshore supply and workboats. The three products in the range will suit installation in vessels from 60 tonne in weight to 3500 tonne.

VEEM Limited is a Australia based high-technology marine propulsion and stabilization system manufacturer serving the global luxury motor yacht, military, fast ferry, commercial workboat and tournament fishing boat industries. Operating from a 10500m2 facility in Perth, Western Australia since 1968, the company was responsible for the very successful patented Interceptor propeller technology that allows the effective pitch of VEEM propellers to be altered, without even slipping the vessel. In addition to its product offerings, VEEM also manufactures stabilizing fins for the US Navy LCS vessel program, Austal Ships fast ferries, and both the Australian Naval and Customs Service Patrol Boat fleets. The VEEM Gyro is the company’s most recent innovative marine product development.

Details of trade show appearances for the VEEM Gyro can be seen on the company’s product website at

VEEM Media Contact : Mr Paul Steinmann (Business Development – Marine).

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VEEM  Gyro Demonstrations Contact: Mr. Jonathan Shaw (Business Development Manager – Europe)

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