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VEEM Strongly Supports the Australian Apprenticeship Program

By January 8, 2020VEEM News

Bradley De Vos and Johan Van Niekerk from our VEEM apprentice program.

Since 1970 VEEM has strongly supported the Australian Apprenticeship Program and throughout its 51 year history the company has continually trained apprentices in a wide variety of skills. The specific trades in which we employ apprentices include foundry sand moulding, metal machining (manual & CNC), mechanical fitting and first class welding.

VEEM currently has approximately 170 employees. We are striving to increase our apprentice ratio and we are partnering with local secondary schools, which sees VEEM hosting students via work placements and site tours. Modern day trades are much more interesting due to the heavy use of robotics and computer controlled machinery. Because of that trades now offer better career paths and financial rewards as well as providing the satisfaction of creating more with your hands in this world of keyboards and spreadsheets!

Our Canning Vale site houses a wide variety of heavy duty machinery and the latest engineering technology, and we take special care in ensuring apprentices find the right career path by offering them the ability to work across various production divisions. This provides our apprentices with the best possible breadth of experience and ample opportunity to grow and learn a variety of skills in one place.

VEEM is currently looking to expand the apprenticeship program and aims to hire 8 new apprentices to join the team in 2020. For more information about our apprenticeship program please contact Michelle Van Der Mere via email michellev@veem.com.au or 08 9455 9300.