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For the best experience on your vessel, you need to invest in the best. Leading the market in innovation, VEEM manufactures its VEEM Propellers using unique techniques to ensure every customer has a perfect product.

VEEM eliminates old-fashion patterns to the manufacturing process. Patternless molding techniques allow the VEEM team to create the exact VEEM Propeller each vessels needs for maximum performance.

VEEM’s highly-accurate 5-axis CNC machines are unique and eliminates human error completely. Every VEEM Propeller is S-class as a minimum. Each is 100% CNC machined to hair thickness accuracy over every square inch of the propeller, including the boss and high BAR overlapping blade propellers.

Customised to perfection, bespoke designed VEEM Propellers are supported by decades of real-world experience, in-house CFD and FEA software and our team of the very best designers. By investing in a VEEM Propeller, you are guaranteed with a product that achieves the highest speeds, runs smoother and performs reliable year after year.