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While other manufacturers traditionally use pre-alloyed metals from external suppliers, VEEM undertakes the entire metal alloying process in house.

This ensures VEEM products are the highest quality and also enables us to produce a wide range of engineering alloys that require flawless metal chemistry. Some of the other benefits associated with in-house alloying include;

Ease of manufacture
Metal alloying means we can alter the chemical composition as required to meet your engineering needs, ultimately simplifying the manufacturing process.

Complete control
Undertaking the metal alloy process in-house grants us complete control over the manufacturing process. This is important to ensure the quality of the product is maintained.

Highest quality
Through years of extensive research and development, VEEM has been able to fine-tune the chemical composition of alloys to ensure it meets all chemical and mechanical requirements of the various class societies.

Ultimate flexibility
In-house alloying enables us to make any material/alloy as necessary. Therefore, we have the opportunity and flexibility to cater to any customer requirements, no matter how difficult! We are not locked into a limited range of products supplied by an external party.

Throughout VEEM’s history, in-house alloying services have been utilised to create a range of bespoke pieces such as the Collins class submarine components, Naval Sonar components, The CERN radiation shields, bimetal pipes for the wear industry right the way through to the West Australian ANZAC Bell.

To find out more about VEEM’s history of innovation visit our history page.